Why Choose APA

Customers have high expectations of leading brands, regardless of the setting, so when placing business in the care of third parties, trusted suppliers are essential.

The APA was established to provide major brands with a network of expert suppliers, all of which understand the unique environment of an airport, operate to a guaranteed standard of excellence and have an outstanding track record of delivery for leading companies.

Brands can choose to work with one of ten, individual APA agencies within any designated European territory. By choosing an APA member, clients know they will receive reliable advice which has been built on many years hard-won experience, along with unrivalled execution from well-trained, likeable and professional promotional staff.

Some of the differential benefits of choosing the APA are:

- less fragmented control through one single point of contact

- integrated service with complete Human Resource Management

- same way of operation in all countries, same motivation, same training

- reliable high quality execution based on long TR experience and strong know-how in category products

- quality management on site by APA executives direct at the airports

- no extra costs for outsourcing the coordination of several countries as this is an immanent service of the APA